Changxing is located in the hangjiahu plain in the Yangtze river delta of China, on the southwest bank of taihu lake. It is the gateway of jiangsu, zhejiang and anhui provinces.The county covers an area of 1,430 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 10 towns and 6 townships with a population of 620,000. 

Changxing has a long history and a long history of culture.The construction of changxian county began in the third year of taikang (282 AD) of the jin emperor wudi. It has a history of more than 1,700 years.Changxing is the hometown of Chen baxian, the first emperor of the Chen dynasty.Lu yu, the master of tea, wrote the classic of tea in changxing, and changxing became the birthplace of tea culture.Ming dynasty prose masters guiyouguang, "journey to the west" author wu chengen tongzhi changxing, has become a story in history.

Changxing traffic developed, location conditions.Three highway, hangzhou, ningbo expressway, shanghai-hangzhou high-speed, high-speed "neighboring), two national highway (104 national highway, 318 national highway), three railway line (xuan hangzhou cattle, new long-term, hangzhou line) and a golden waterway" channel (long lake), and that, with the Yangtze river delta in major cities are the best traffic circles within 2 hours.

Changxing extensive resources, rich and diverse products.There is the prestigious "four treasures of changxing" : ginkgo, melon, green plum, chestnut;There is a world famous "taihu four treasures" : whitebait, white shrimp, coilia fish, hairy crab;There are the "three unique tea" : purple bamboo shoots tea, purple sand pot, jinsha spring;More famous "ancient ecological three unique" : golden nails, ancient ginkgo, yangzi alligator.

Changxing environment harmony, strong momentum of development.Changxing has a good natural ecological environment and a civilized and healthy social and cultural environment.In recent years, it has successively ranked among the national top 100 counties in comprehensive strength, national top 100 counties in economy, national health county, international garden city and civilized county of zhejiang province.

Boating on taihu lake, a forest garden of modern medium-sized industrial and trade city has begun to show its glory.Changxing, this bright pearl on the southwest bank of taihu lake is displaying its charming charm with her unique charm!